7 Reasons We're the Best!

1. We deliver unmatched customer service.

When you have a service issue with a product and call the company to have it resolved, this is when you see the true colors of that company. What are they made out of? Will they take you seriously and address it, or blow you off because you already paid? We pride ourselves on how we take care of and resolve service issues. Unlike other large companies where everyone dodges responsibility and where Rebecca, the secretary, takes your call, forwards you to Bill, who turns around and gives you off to Tom who is out and you're forced to leave a voice mail, existing customers with service issues jump to the front of the line. We will handle your issue within 24 hours, and you take priority over new customers every single day.

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2. We do not hide our pricing...it's on our website!

Why do the other companies not advertise their pricing on their website? It's because if you saw their price online, you wouldn't give them the time of day. They have to get into your home, sell you, overwhelm you with bars of soap, build value and THEN they will tell you the price. But, not before the salesperson gives you a "discount that they've never done before." They will push and push. How can that be ethical? In the end, they want you to have a hard time saying "NO" to them.

3. We sell name brand CLACK equipment, manufactured in Windsor, Wisconsin.

Research and do your homework on CLACK water softeners. You'll see why it's the best. Customer reviews/feedback, warranty, flow rate, service life, servicing and repair, every aspect of this valve makes it the best in the industry. We buy CLACK and sell it as CLACK. Some companies buy random valves out of China and rename them to appear different. What's the point of rebranding at the local level? We offer the best, so there's no need to change the name.

4. Our equipment is NOT proprietary.

Many companies in the Austin area sell proprietary systems. This is bad news for you. This means in the future when the system needs servicing/repairs, you can ONLY go to them. They own the brand, they own the parts and they own the secrets on how to repair it. You're stuck with them! Our CLACK valves are industry leaders and NOT proprietary; any licensed and experienced water softener technician can service/repair it.

5. We will give you the cold hard facts. No "dog and pony show" here, we promise!

Whether you call us on the phone, request information online, or schedule an appointment, we will give you the cold hard facts: 1. Your water quality. 2. Product information/specs. 3. Pricing. We promise not to take up your precious work or family time. Unless you initiate a longer conversation (which we love!), we believe and you'll probably agree: we can give you everything you need to know in a short amount of time.

6. Family owned and operated since 2001.

Many of the other companies are relatively new to Austin. Or, they were here before the recession but with giant overhead and inflated pricing, they could not survive the recession and left, only to come back when the local economy improved. Nope, not Discount Water Softener Co. Our lean and smart business model kept us alive and thriving in the Austin area through it all!

7. Our pricing is better than theirs because we work smarter and harder.

Other companies will have higher pricing, but don't fall for the outdated "higher price equals better quality" thinking. Their pricing is higher because of three reasons. 1. They have more people taking a piece of the pie. (office staff, managers, salesperson, installing technician, etc.) 2. They got your contact information as a SALES LEAD and they have to pay for it. 3. They want to see if you bite, if you're going to accept their first price or if you're going to play hardball and they'll need room to give you "discounts." This is wrong. If they "cut you a deal," then why did they not start with that price? At Discount Water Softener Co., each person is thoroughly trained and experienced in many aspects of the business. We do one thing that other companies simply don't do: we hustle. We install a high number of systems in and around Austin, so our pricing can be very competitive. This saves you money! Our pricing is the best you will find in the country on name-brand CLACK equipment. Do your research and don't be fooled!

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Williamson, Travis, Hays and Bell County. Texas

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Monday–Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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Sunday: Closed for Observation

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