Is my home "Pre-Plumbed" for a Water Softener?!

Many homes in the Austin and surrounding areas are Pre-Plumbed for a water softener. If you are in the planning stages of your home, make sure you include a water softener loop. Some builders and designers refer to this upgrade as pre-plumbing the home. Any price up to $2,000 is a good deal.

In the picture above, you can see what is called the "Water Softener Loop". It looks like a horseshoe shape and is usually covered and taped in black insulation. This means your home was built with a water softening system in mind. Every drop of water that goes into the interior of your home goes through this loop. Your outside faucets are on a separate line and will be hard water, as they should be. 

Plumbing for Water Softener

For customers who have this "loop", your installation price IS included in the price of the system. An electrical outlet should be close to the loop. The loop is located in your garage. Underneath the loop, you should find a white, PVC pipe stub coming out of the wall, like pictured above. That's the drain for the system. An additional fee may be required if your drain access is NOT within 4 feet of the loop. Please ask us for more details if that applies to you. We will help you out!

If you currently have a water softener, no matter the age or size of it, this is good! It means your house is ready for your new CLACK system.

If your home does NOT have this loop in the garage, do not panic and do not smash your computer. You can get a water softener, the process will just be a little different. There is a little more planning involved, but we do it all the time. Call us for more details on making your home pre-plumbed! In the meantime, check out our great work on these types of installations below.

Deep Trench Being Dug

(Above) All work is done according to state and local codes. After a deep trench is dug, the plumbing begins. Here, we're laying the pipes.

Final Touches

(Above) All done! Pictured here is Carlos, our Digger Team Leader, putting the final touches on the site. He's been with us since 2001 and he's beyond amazing. In just a few days, you won't even know someone dug there.

Complete Site

(Above) We take pride in the clean and professional look of the site after we are done. We act like your home is OUR home.

Hose Bib for Raw Water

(Above) Wrapped and covered in insulation, we provide an extra hose bib for raw water.

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