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Drink to your health by purifying your next cup of water with one of our water purification systems from Discount Water Softener Co. For over a decade, we have specialized in the sale, service, and installation of major brands of water purification systems. Contact our  Austin, Texas based company for water softeners, whole house carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, well chlorinators and hydrogen sulfide removal  systems.

Our Service & Support
Our systems come with the best prices, friendly, knowledgeable service, and reliable warranties. Our service and install people have over 75 years of combined experience in this industry. 

Purification System Quotes
Call us for a free system quote. Tell us what subdivision you live in (so we'll know your water quality), how many people live in your home full time, and if there is a loop in your garage or utility room. We can size and price the system that is perfect for you.  Once you learn how competitive our prices are and make a no-obligation appointment, a technician will inspect the installation site, review equipment and specifications, and answer any questions you have.

Our Systems
Within the building trades community, material, supplies, and equipment fall into one of three categories:  Builders' Grade (lower quality), Industry Standard (better quality), and Premium Grade (highest quality).  An example of Builders' Grade is a one-tank system available in some larger big-box retail stores.  They generally have much lower flow rates, use too much salt or potassium, and require a disproportionate amount of service compared to Industry Standard and Premium Grade.  When all the costs associated with them are added in, such as installation with whole-house shut-offs, spot-free hose connections, extended warranty costs, and sales tax, they are often more expensive than what you would pay a professional water company for a better grade unit.

We do not offer Builder's Grade equipment.  When you click our systems page, you will see only Industry Standard and Premium Grade equipment with Hi-flow rates, total salt or potassium efficiencies and long-term warranties at no extra cost.

 Ethical Pricing                                                                We have determined the lowest possible price that we can sell our equipment for, which is the first quote you receive.  We do not start high and work down.  Each piece of equipment is priced individually, so there are no hidden costs.  You'll never pay more than your neighbor for the same equipment if they bought their water softener from us.



No Gimmicks                                                                                     The fact is a water softener will reduce the amount of soap you use by 25 to 50%.  Yet some water softener companies will include a one-to-five year supply of pure soap to offset the cose of their $4,000 to $7,000 systems.  These are the same systems we sell for less than $2,000.  It is true that a family of four or more will probably spend a few thousand dollars over five years on detergents, cleaning products and personal hygiene soaps.  They will tell you not to buy any more Proctor and Gamble products, or disinfectants or shampoos from your grocery store, thus saving thousands of dollars that you can give them as part of the equipment purchase.

They will also tell you that hospitals use pure soap to wash linens because it is hypoallergenic.  Some hospitals do use pure soap to wash bed sheets, however, they are washing in 170° F water that will kill all bacteria and viruses.  We use much lower temperatures in our homes.

It is our opinion that pure soap will not kill many of the tough bacteria and viruses that can be found in dirty clothes or on the counter tops of most normal homes.  Commercial antibacterial soaps will.

Another "building value" sales tool is to offer air purificaton in the form of UV light air sterilization installed permanently in your air conditionin/heating ductwork at a reduced price or for free.  What does a water softener company know about air purification?  Probably nothing at all!  If you have a problem with your air, go to an HVAC company that knows how to deal with that kind of problem.  Not a water softener company.

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